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Plug Ins AlQuran for Ms-Word Ver. 1.3 (AL-QURAN IN WORD)

Thank you for Mohamad Taufiq in Depok, Indonesia who has made a free plug ins for Microsoft Word, which will add a new menu “Al-Quran” on your Microsoft word application (see on the figure below). By using this useful and very handy plug ins, you can insert ayah of Alquran, including the translation to your word document with simply clicking your mouse a few times.

The installation file is relatively small with only around 1.1 megabytes with seven languages are ready for translation namely Indonesian, English, Malay, Germany, Bosnian, Farsi, and Russian translations. Additionally, you may download other translation language such as Albanian, Spanish, English (Muchsin Khan), and English (Yusuf Ali). It will perfectly support all Microsoft Word’s version newer than its 1997 version, including MS Word 2000, 2002(XP), and 2003 version. Based on my experience, the installation was very easy by only taking less than one minute. The software performance is amazing, it runs fast and stable giving the ease for those who are a writer, an academic, a cleric, a journalist, or anyone who wants to know more about Alquran.

According to the programmer, he has added some new features such as:
it will support translation more than 1 language in one time;
adding Switch option that will display a range of verses and their translation verse by verse; and
adding a new important feature that is AutoReplace menu

How to use the AutoReplace menu? Here it is, click AutoReplace Menu then type in your Microsoft word document e.g.:


with a for Arabic, t for translation, n for new line, and s for switch.

There is no additional information relating with the plug ins especially with the question of the Alquran and its translation validity because the FAQ page is not available yet. However, Mohamad Taufiq is openly to be contacted by his email (moh.taufiq at gmail dot com) or yahoo messenger wit id mtaufiq.rm

The plug ins is freeware, however, you may donate the author (and I do encourage to make a donation because it really useful and took time for developing it) through Indonesian Bank Account in his web site here: http://www.geocities.com/mtaufiq.rm/quran.html and the plug ins and additional languages can be downloaded here:

Download Ver. 1.3 :
Core Setup ( Only need one of them )
Indonesia translation included (1,076 Kb)
English translation included (1,281 Kb)
Malay translation included (1,068 Kb)
German translation included (1,030 Kb)
Bosnia translation included (1,014 Kb)
Farsi / Persian translation included (1,031 Kb)
Russian translation included (1,031 Kb)

Additional Translation (extract file to program files\quran_in_word\)
English (Yusuf Ali) ( 311 Kb)
Indonesia ( 365 Kb )
Malay ( 358 Kb)
German ( 306 Kb)
Bosnia ( 288 Kb)
English Muhsin Khan ( 342 Kb)
Spanish ( 268 Kb)
French ( 312 Kb)
Albania ( 341 Kb)
Russian ( 314 Kb)
Farsi ( 354 Kb)

DOWNLOAD Quran for Ms-Word Ver. 1.3

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  1. salam.
    Terima kasih untuk plug in.
    Ternyata amat membantu. Semoga Allah kurniakan rahmat dan sebaik2 balasan atas jasamu wahai saudaraku.

  2. terima kasih atas plug in tersebuh, kerena telah banyak membantu